How to block Facebook in Google Chrome

In the Internet you can find two most popular ways how to block Facebook in Google Chrome. The first is using the Hosts file and the second is configuring Google Chrome settings.

You can try to block Facebook with the Hosts file but this method doesn't work in Google Chrome. In fact the Hosts file is ignored by Google Chrome that reads it only once during the first run.

How to block Facebook in Google Chrome using HT Employee Monitor

1. Download and install HT Employee Monitor.
2. Click Facebook Blocking
3. Select Block Facebook or the Limit Facebook time to radiobutton if you want just limit time on Facebook.
4. Click OK.

Block Facebook in Google Chrome

In addition to blocking Facebook in Google Chrome, HT Employee Monitor provides many other features:

How to block Facebook with Google Chrome Options

The method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is free and easy to realize. However, it can be easily removed or bypassed with proxy servers or anonymizers. Besides, this method allows you to block just one page of Facebook, for example for it will be just the main page all others will be available.

To block Facebook:
1. Launch Google Chrome.
2. Click the Wrench symbol in the upper right corner.
3. Click Options.
4. Click the Under the Hood tab.

5. Choose the Change Proxy Settings button.
6. On the Security tab, click Restricted Sites.
7. Click the Site buttons.

8. Type and click the Add button.

9. Close the window.

After the realization you probably have to restart the computer or Google Chrome can't block Facebook.

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